Ever Bard E010, Autumn 51 Bear – 3


Autumn 51 Bear – 3

Ever Bard

By Kenneth Shumaker & Aria

Episode 010

With InUPress

October 1, 2017


Ever Bard


Following in this series, we get to know the female Elven teenager – a 115-year-old bard whose beauty is god-like – known as Ta’Myka by her parents and mortals, and known as Time and as Fate by the gods and other immortal. She is joined by the Journeyman Dragoman, holy hero of four gods, Bloodgrue –  a twenty-year-old human Jalnoric male from the North Docks of the royal city of Mount Oryn. Journey through these stories with authors Kenneth Shumaker and Aria in Kenneth’s medieval fantasy realm of Quantos. Experience their adventures beyond those of mere mortal in the time of King Dolan IV.


We continue with Ever Bard episode 010 on … 

Autumn 51 Bear

Ta’Myka realises that Lars has spoken entirely in Toydon, not a word in Jalnoric. Fortunately, as a bard, Ta’Myka is fluent in many languages and converses easily in Toydon.

Anxiously, Lars waits for Ta’Myka’s response.

The bard cannot help but give Lars a disappointed expression. Her tone of voice comes out sullen. “A trapper? I have already hired two trappers and a hunter. What Owerton needs very badly are warriors. Would you be interested in training to be a warrior? Owerton has some extremely experienced men-at-arms who are part of the village militia and town guards. You will receive sound topnotch training from some of the best warriors I have ever known. I am willing to offer you several Flairs as a signing bonus if you agree to train as a warrior. However, if being a warrior is something that you have no interest in, then I understand.” Ta’Myka raises her eyebrows and cocks her head to the side. “What do you think?”

Hesitating, Lars then smiles. “You offer me a warriors training? With the equipment and a warrior’s wages? Wages of 4 dusters a day with food and shelter? How much of a signing bonus?”

Ta’Myka seems to have his attention and he is now eager.

Nodding her head, Ta’Myka says, “I am serious about the warrior training. I haven’t had one warrior apply for employment. You are still young, look to be fit of mind and body, and you must have some weapons experience as a trapper. I have no problem with offering you four dusters a day, including food and shelter. And to show how very serious I am, I will give you six Flairs as a signing bonus. However, to receive the six Flairs you must reside here until you journey to Owerton with the other newly hired.”

Fishing out six Flairs from her sack of coins, Ta’Myka stacks the coins up on the desk in front of her.

The six Flairs, sitting on the desk, are more than Lars has ever seen at one time. His response is guaranteed. “Where do I sign and where is my bunk?” There was almost no hesitation after Ta’Myka’s hand left the coins.

Chuckling to herself, Ta’Myka gives Lars a look of satisfaction, thinking, I was probably being over generous. Oh well, I have one warrior in training ready to start his new life. She says, “Master Lars, I am sure you will be very pleased with your new life in Owerton.”

Ta’Myka picks up a quill and dips it in ink. As she writes out the contract she hums a cheery tune. She then hands the contract to Lars to sign and then passes him his six Flairs. “Spend it wisely.” She says with a laugh.“My friend Gerris will find a servant to show you to the servant’s quarters. I am actually a bard. I think this evening I will sing for all of the newly hired.”

Turning to Gerris, she says, “Gerris, can you tell the servants to let the newly hired know that I will be singing for them tonight following evening meal. I will sing in the servant’s quarters.”

Standing, Gerris moves to leave as does Lars.

Accepting the six Flairs happily, Lars covets them greedily.

Responding to Ta’Myka, Gerris watches as Lars is slightly distracted. “I will be sure to have everyone gather in the servant’s manor this evening after gods set, Lady Ta’Myka. If Lars, here, is to be a warrior, he will be upstairs in this main manor with Tahzan, the other warriors, and Knight Heddy.”

Standing, Ta’Myka accompanies Lars and Gerris to the office door. “Welcome to West Door Inn. Perhaps tomorrow we can spend some time practicing with the bow. I could use a change from sitting at this desk.”

Looking out the door to the left and down the hall towards the entry, Ta’Myka sees that Doorman Jessep is alone.

Doorman Jessep nods to Ta’Myka and smiles.

Exiting the office, Gerris escorts Lars out to the right and the stairwell, then upwards into upper West Door Inn.

Poking her head out of the kitchen, Andalyn says, “Lady Ta’Myka, evening meal will be ready in an hour and Master Willin is back with the wagons. He has asked to see you.”

Nodding her head, Ta’Myka smiles, replying, “Thank you, Andalyn. I will head to the stables now.”


Finding the light ahead illuminating the sign Bloodgrue seeks, it has been a long day of walking. He is in Velan, District Four of Mount Oryn. The troubling part is that he is night-walking in Uptown Guild territory and he hasn’t seen a single sign of any of the rogues.

Entering Nobleman’s Rest, Bloodgrue feels more comfortable now that he is in the middle-class inn. Seeing the Jalmal Innkeeper Forec, Bloodgrue approaches him. “Good evening Forec. Uptown, is out of town? No worries just curious hey, my man, I am looking for a private room with a hot bath, as well a hot meal with ale. Can you help me out?”

Turning sharply, Forec smiles joyously, extending his arm to clasp Bloodgrue’s, answering the dragoman quickly. “Well now, for my favorite apprentice, of course. If you have two Dyns you can have all the mentioned goods. As to Uptown, rumor has it a Lord Visrathh now presides over all the Rogue Guilds and has disbanded Uptown. He might be moving his own Guild, the Landsharks, in here. But you know how it is with rumors. Never trust them, even if you know the source is usually reliable.”

Laughing, Bloodgrue fishes out two silver coins from his public coin purse and hands them to Forec. As well, he pulls out his Journeyman’s mark from the coin purse to show Forec. “I’m not an apprentice anymore Forec. I have been a Journeyman since spring. I just took a bard named Ta’Myka to West Door Inn as a customer to South Palace Hill. I’m headed home now. Those two Dyns suit you fine?”

Cheerfully, Forec accepts the coins and views the mark with pride, knowing that having a registered Dragoman as a friend has great value for business. He motions to the counter, dishes up a plate of hot food and pours a dark ale, as Forec recalls that Bloodgrue drinks dark ale. “Room three is yours and I’ll get a hot bath ready. Congratulations, Bloodgrue, I knew you had it in you. When did your master agree to the testing?”

Evilly, Bloodgrue laughs. “The dragoman guild did it on their own without my master’s approval. Onar wasn’t going to thanks, I’ll eat and then take the bath. Room three only has one window if I remember. Did you fix the shutters though?”

“You remember right and all of the shutters were rebuilt new late last spring. I’ll go and get the water warming. You know where things are, help yourself. Ale cost two dusters if you want another.” Forec leaves through a door in the west wall as Bloodgrue takes a seat alone at one of the eight tables. He counts twelve patrons eating and drinking in the tavern area of the inn.


Ta’Myka realizes it is now near gods set of the day. Bloodgrue has been gone almost a full day and she has hired three more for Lady Crusader Mychel’s Stronghold of Owerton. As well she may possibly have wagons for hauling freight out to Owerton. Curious as to how the shopping expedition went, she makes her way outdoors and to the stables.

Walking into the stableyard, Ta’Myka finds two additional good size wagons parked alongside the estate wagon. They are parked ready to be hitched to teams of horses. There is no one is around as she looks them over. With a practiced eye, Ta’Myka determines the one is new and has never been used. But the other has definite signs of usage. Even though there are signs of usage, the wagon is in remarkable condition. The wagons must have cost at least two hundred Flairs each.

She hears the whiney of horses from inside the stables. Entering, she finds Willin and Terrace tending to four new mares. All four are good specimens that Ta’Myka finds acceptable on a quick glance. Her father had said, Ta’Myka could spot a lame horse before he could and he had been at it for over a thousand years. None of these four horses show signs of faltering, just from observing them for a minute.

Feeling somewhat excited, Ta’Myka is eager to talk about the wagons and horses, she gives Willin and Terrace a pleasing smile. Her emerald green eyes sparkle with delight as she says to Willin and Terrace. “Good evening, Gentlemen! You did well, Willin. One of the wagons appears new, and the other looks to be in very good condition.”

With a lingering smile, Ta’Myka gently runs her hand down one of the mare’s mane. She can’t help but be reminded of Lilith, her loyal horse that she left behind in Owerton. Somehow, I must make arrangements to have Lilith brought to Mount Oryn. I miss my sweet Lilith.

She looks the mares over once more, then looking toward Willin she asks, “What are their names? They look like fine beasts. Everything is settled with the stables you purchased them at? How much did the mares and wagons cost?”

Beaming a broad smile from the praise, Willin goes on to explain. “We did very well. I spent an extra hour with Master Tamel and with a little work, I purchased the wagons for one hundred and fifty a piece. But he still wanted seventy-five a horse, even though he had sixteen to choose from. These were the best from the lot. Now this one here is Quill and her partner is Stern. The other pair is Sparrow and Tiny. They drive like dreams, the four of them, though Tiny does tend to be a bit on the skittish side we did okay. I managed to do all this for the six-hundred Flairs you requested, after all. A little hard work and flattery helped. I couldn’t work down prices on the horses any more though. He originally wanted one hundred each for them, says demand is high after that Tearmain thing recently, with so many folks having lost their stock. These will get to Owerton just fine Lady Ta’Myka, and it didn’t cost you extra.”

The warmth of Ta’Myka’s smile echoes in her voice. “I am so pleased, Willin. Obviously, hiring you was a wise decision on my part. Seeing as you saved me one-hundred flairs, is there anything else we should consider purchasing to ensure a successful journey to Owerton? You have my permission to do whatever it takes to make sure the horses are in top condition. Thank you so much for all of this.”

Gently stroking horse Tiny’s face, Ta’Myka nuzzles in close to her. “My horse Lilith is extremely skittish, but not with me. I spent hours building her trust and treating her with kindness. She’s a beautiful pure-black mare and she runs like a river.”

Ta’Myka whispers into Tiny’s ear, “You’ll meet my Lilith.” with a faraway look in her eyes, she glances over at Terrace and Willin, though they may notice that Ta’Myka’s mind has drifted to somewhere other than the here and now.

Smiling, Willin says, as Franklin bumps Ta’Myka looking for a treat. “With your permission I would like to feed them up for the trip to Owerton so they are in top shape. We don’t have long to do it in but I will do my best to have them ready I think Franklin is looking for your attention as well. With only six stalls we decided to tether Franklin in the centre as he is least excitable of the lot.”

Reaching over to Franklin, Ta’Myka strokes his neck. “Oh, you are a funny one, Franklin.” She adds, “Willin, you do what you have to, to ensure these animals are healthy for the journey. It will take a minimum of two days to get to North Docks, then a good day of travel by barge, then there is about an eight or nine hour walk to Owerton from the river. In total the journey will take about four days. Yes, supply the horses with extra quality feed until you depart.”

Terrace adds to the conversation. “We don’t have enough feed stocked up for more than three days for this many. I will have to go out tomorrow with the West Door wagon and get a load of feed from the farm two kilometres east.”

Nodding, Ta’Myka says to Terrace. “Perhaps Willin can go with you. I will give you extra coin to buy lots of feed for all the animals. Tonight, I want both of you to go to the servant’s quarters to hear me sing. I will bring you a sack of coins for tomorrow.”

“I will go with Terrace to help out then Lady Ta’Myka and pick up some feed for the journey. Enough for the six beasts for six days in case we get held up along the way. If that sits well with you?” Offers Willin respectfully.

“Now, I should head back to the house and freshen up before evening meal. Both of you, thank you once again for your good work.” Ta’Myka says with a smile.

Willin and Terrace beam with pride from such accolade and reward. They have heard the rumors about Ta’Myka, and they are looking forward to tonight.

Heading to the house, Ta’Myka is seeking to check on Eeene, Sereee and family and to freshen up.

In West Door Inn manor house, Ta’Myka is greeted, as she enters the back entry, by both Sereee and Eeene who seem happy she has finished her working day. “Matriarch ready for night feast?”

Ta’Myka looks down at her rodent friends. “My appetite is certainly ready. Come, little ones.”

Before going up to her room on the second floor, Ta’Myka passes Andren who has just taken the last of the evening meal to the Great Hall. He smiles for Ta’Myka cheerfully but remains quiet as he rolls the empty cart into the kitchen.

The blue candle is already lit in the common area of the second floor as Ta’Myka dismounts the stairs with Eeene and Sereee trailing close to her feet. The candle’s bluebell scent lightens the room’s aura greatly.

Entering her room, Ta’Myka finds her bed linen freshly laundered and the bed made. Her floor, walls, door, dresser, and night table have been washed. Obviously, Andalyn has had Loren in here today. The room’s shutters are open on her only window, letting in fresh air. The chamber pot is empty and clean in the corner of the room. There is fresh cool water in the pitcher, near the basin on her night table, with an empty waste water bucket next to the table. A clean folded orange towel hangs from a hook nearby. An orange wash cloth lay folded next to the basin with apple scented soap-powder resting in a porcelain bowl near by. Ta’Myka’s hair brush has had all the hair removed and the brush cleaned then set on the night table. Loren was very busy for the last five hours since Ta’Myka was last in her room.

Ta’Myka looks around her room. It’s like being a queen living here. I don’t know if I will ever want to leave.

Ta’Myka washes her face, brushes her hair and changes into a fresh tunic. Looking down at Eeene and Sereee, she says. “This has been a wonderful day. I hope it has been good for you too, Prince Eeene and Princess Sereee.”

Leaving her room, she sings a happy tune as she finds her way down to the Great Hall. Her mouth waters at the smell of good food.

In the Great Hall, Ta’Myka finds Earl Warden Jessep, Lord Visrathh, Arch-Bishop Physician Rena and Arch-Bishop Warden Fayth at the feast table. Gerris is near Wet Nurse Lydia who is nursing Lady Dawn at the fire place, as Ta’Myka enters the Great Hall.

This time a white cotton cloth covers the table. On the table are silver platters with roast mutton, roast tubers, ceramic bowls of boiled carrots and yellow beans. A wooden platter of soft bread rolls with a silver plate of creamy butter sits near the centre of the table. There is a wheel of hard white goat’s cheese with a knife on an oval wooden board placed near the rolls. There are half gallon crystal pitchers of spiced apple juice, cooled milk and light ale on the table. Another silver pitcher of warm honeyed wine is near Ta’Myka’s setting. At each place setting there is a pottery plate and mug, a glass tumbler and silver cutlery.

Smiling evilly, Earl Jessep quips quickly to Ta’Myka. “Times’ up now we can eat. How many did you recruit today Ta’Myka? I heard you did some shopping as well. I did some of my own recruiting and shopping. I have to leave for a few days to tend to some business I was going to say, if you want to stay on here I will take the recruits and supplies back to Owerton along with Rena and Dawn; thus leaving you free to stay here as long as you like at the West Door Inn. You have my vote, I don’t know about the others.”

“You have my approval to stay with Fayth and myself if Fayth agrees, Ta’Myka.” Answers Visrathh.

Fayth gives Visrathh a sideways glance. “Of course I have no problem with Ta’Myka staying at West Door Inn.”

Ta’Myka places food on her plate while listening to the others. I didn’t know I needed their approval, as I am a Fryers member. It’s true, I do tend to go my own way, but I am still a member.

Replying to no one in particular after Ta’Myka gives a quick smile, she says, “I had a very productive and wonderful day. I recruited a trapper to train as a warrior and I also recruited an armourer and a labourer. A dozen people have been hired in the last four days. And I have acquired four decent horses and two good wagons. Things are progressing well.” She continues with, “Jessep, thank you for offering to take the recruits and supplies to Owerton. It will save me a trip. Though, sometime in the near future I will have to make a trip to get Lilith. I am just not sure when or how.” Ta’Myka looks directly at Rena as if asking for her advice or help.

Rena gives Ta’Myka a puzzled look, thinking, Is she asking me to teleport her and Lilith? Teleport a horse a skittish horse? I am still learning the ins and outs of teleporting humans. No, I am not ready to even think about teleporting a horse. Responding with, “Ta’Myka, my friend, are you asking if I will get you to Owerton in my special quick fashion. If so, yes, I will however, I will not attempt bringing you and Lilith back. You will have to manage the return trip on your own. I know you will probably need to hire a dragoman upon your return to Mount Oryn. Maybe Bloodgrue will be available to guide you back to West Door Inn.”

Looking over at Jessep, Rena says, “My dear, when do you think we will be returning to Owerton? I’d like to teleport Ta’Myka before we leave. As, once we are settled in Owerton, I would like to stay put for a while.”

Pondering this, Jessep then nods and answers, “Why not when Ta’Myka has everyone hired; you take her to Owerton? Then you come back here and we can take the goods to Owerton on a slow train. And Ta’Myka can ride Lilith back to West Door Inn does that sound right to everyone? So how about Ta’Myka plan to finish up hiring around Autumn 56 or 57, Rena take her on the 58th. That gives Rena the 59th to come back and we can leave the 60th Ta’Myka you can begin your ride back on the 59th and be here the 64nd if all goes well.”

As Ta’Myka eats, her eyes flit back and forth between Jessep and Rena. “Jessep, your plan is sound. I agree with Rena; teleporting with Lilith is not a good idea. Also, I could never ask anyone else to bring her here. Lilith is fine in a stable without me around, but it is rare for her to allow anyone but me on her back. I am the one who must travel with Lilith.”

Slowly, Jessep adds. “Then my plan will settle it. You will be the one riding Lilith, not anyone else. You will return before Bloodgrue’s planned return. You will have West Door Inn with Fayth and Visrathh, if Visrathh is here.”

Looking around at each of the others, Visrathh frowns. “I must be away for several days, maybe up to half a season, with my new duties. The King has asked me to tend to some matters that are time sensitive and they have become a little complicated.”

Bellah quietly enters the Great Hall, asking, “Is everything to your satisfaction? I have a dessert this evening as well. A cake I made for you, so please save at least a little room.”

Nodding, Ta’Myka gives Bellah a sincere smile. “I look forward to your cake. The meal is delicious, by the way.” Then thinking, If there is anything I know, it’s that a happy cook makes one’s life so much more bearable. She says, “Bellah, you can let the other servants know that after evening meal, I will be singing in the servant’s quarters. I will give you time to clean up the kitchen and Great Hall so about an hour after we have finished eating. Everyone is invited to come and listen.”

Smiling, Bellah then replies eagerly. “Yes, Lady Ta’Myka, we will all be out in the Servant’s house as soon as we can thank you! We should be done in an hour after you finish here.”

Quickly, Lydia closes her top as Lady Dawn has finished her evening feed. “Arch-Bishop Rena, will there be any more tonight or may I put Lady Dawn to bed for a few hours?”

Reaching up, Rena holds out her arms to take her daughter. “You are free for now, Lydia. Spend some time with your children. I will tend to Dawn now.” As Rena takes Dawn into her arms, her eyes soften and she gives her daughter several gentle kisses on her cheek.

As these events unfold, Andalyn arrives and quickly addresses the room visually, then she speaks to the diners. “We had a good day here today. I hired two new servants who start tomorrow. I would like Loren to start tending the gardens tomorrow instead of the manor interior so that has been addressed. We will have fresh new linens for the beds arrive tomorrow as well and as I have the rooms tended to, the new linen will be placed. If any of you desire new furnishings, such as floor coverings or lighting, please let me know and I will attend to it as soon as I can. Food supplies are slowly being stocked up by Bellah, between meal preparations. Tomorrow, she will be away all day and Andren will be preparing the meals. Please forgive any misgivings he may cause. But I believe he will give you excellent service, though it may be slow. Lady Ta’Myka, I have taken liberty to have special containers crafted for Eeene and Sereee’s food and water, instead of the old cracked ones we were using. The containers should be setup tomorrow for their use Lord Visrathh, your armour and clothing will be cleaned and ready for you for day after tomorrow, as requested Lady Fayth, I am currently looking for the wet nurse you seek. I found two possible women so far but I have to complete their checks yet and there is a possible third, though I must confirm her due date. Lady Rena, there is a package for you in your room from the College of Churches that arrived half-an-hour ago. It was not addressed urgent so I had Loren take it to your room. Will there be anything more from the Lords and Ladies?”

Waiting politely by the doorway, Andalyn watches as Bellah and Lydia also wait to exit.

Fayth and Ta’Myka both look at Andalyn with expressions of amazement. It is Rena who speaks up to address Andalyn. “It sounds like you certainly have everything under control. I think we all appreciate knowing that West Door Inn will always be well cared for and organized with you as chamberlain. West Door Inn’s transformation and repairs, following the aftermath of Tearmain, is coming along quickly. That is thanks to you, Andalyn. Thank you for the update. If any of us want new furnishings we will let you know. I would like another cradle for Dawn, to keep downstairs. Surely, in the future, there will also be other babes to use it.” Rena looks over at Fayth and smiles. She adds, “Andalyn and Bellah, enjoy your evening of Ta’Myka’s songs.”

When the servants are gone from the room, Ta’Myka shakes her head and says, “I sometimes have to remind myself that Andalyn is really still a child. She is only about thirteen or fourteen years old. She is wise and mature far beyond her years.”

Fayth and Rena nod their heads.

Fayth replies in her usual gentle voice. “We are very fortunate to have Andalyn managing West Door Inn.”

Thinking a moment, Rena pipes up. “I agree; she is quite the young lady!” as she is thinking, It would sound vain of me to say that Andalyn reminds me of myself. However, it is true. My mother, so debilitated with mind sickness it was me who raised my younger brother and sisters, kept an eye on the servants, and apprenticed as a physician it all began when I was four years old. Sometimes, I don’t know how I managed.

As Ta’Myka waits for the cake to arrive, she gets lost in her thoughts about tonight’s performance. Thinking about what songs to sing, she is reminded of the tome she found today. She knows she wants to spend some time going through the pages slowly and deliberately.

About twenty minutes later, Bellah arrives carrying in a large round pound cake. Placing it on the table she cuts it and serves each diner a piece. It is a delicious lemon pound cake, a delight for all.

Visrathh and Jessep both have seconds.

Gerris refrains and keeps to one piece though obviously desiring a second cut.

Dawn rests in Rena’s arms peacefully.

With the servants gone, it is quiet for a bit as the evening of Autumn 51 winds down to a close. The gods set some time ago as the fire was warming the room.

Standing to his full height, Gerris smiles then says, “Lady Ta’Myka I am able to return to full duty tomorrow. Physician Rena prayed today and I feel fully healthy. I am going to get ready for your performance tonight. I am certain the staff and Owerton hires are excited to hear you. I will be right out.”

Giving Gerris an endearing smile, Ta’Myka turns to Rena and says. “Thank you Rena.”

Gerris leaves and Visrathh also stands taking Fayth’s hand, he says, “We should let the staff clear the Great Hall; it is late, and they would like to get finished for the day.”

Also standing, Jessep smiles and then says, “Yes, Rena, lets vacate for the evening; I need a walk now. We could even join the crew in the staff house later to listen painfully to the noise.”

Carefully passing Dawn to Jessep, Rena then she links her arm in her life-companion’s for their evening walk together.

Maintaining her usual early evening routine: Ta’Myka ensures that Eeene and Sereee have been properly fed and watered; and she takes a quick stroll through the house, just to remind herself as to how lucky she is to live here. Completing her walkabout breathing in the crisp evening air, Ta’Myka collects her harp and makes her way to the servant’s quarters.

Ta’Myka opens the door and a hush falls over a once harshly noisy large room. The room is packed with almost no where to move. Ta’Myka recognizes most of the faces. Obliviously the children and many of the adults are family of the newly hired. They have cleared an area for Ta’Myka to perform by the entry way. The most room they can give her to perform in is ten by six, as the room holds over sixty people by rough count and won’t hold more. Ta’Myka guesses by the sounds that there are more in other rooms and on the stairs.


By, Kenneth Shumaker and Aria.

To be continued in the next Ever Bard episode 011 …

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Join Kenneth Shumaker (Rusty Knight) in his Dragoman Bloodgrue Volume collection anthologies. ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume I: Fare Where?’ is the first of the episodes of the Dragoman Bloodgrue serial series. Read how Bloodgrue tests the gods’ resolve. Do the gods let the brave be fools? Is Bloodgrue brave or a fool? Follow Bloodgrue to see where his life’s path leads him. In ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume I: Fare Where?’ we are introduced to Bloodgrue as he begins his journey climbing the social ranks of Mount Oryn in North Docks. Find this fine colour volume to purchase as a paperback or e-book on:


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Enjoy Kenneth’s new intriguing fantasy novel ‘Laret’, released June 19, 2017. Enter the ‘Laret: Darkness of Souls’ from the ‘Lost Souls’ medieval fantasy novel series and journey with the Black Swans through the Web Shireward as they battle the invading armies of the god Tearmain. This captivating novel is available at the following as a paperback at:

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Discover the new steampunk alternative history novel, ‘Exhaust from the Tin Woods’, written by Eric J Kregel and published by InUPress. You may purchase this novel as a paperback or e-book at:

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With an annual subscription from www.inupress.ca, you can receive our monthly delivery of ‘Notes from InUPress for C$12.99 annually. The notes, by Kenneth Shumaker, contain interesting information on writing and publishing and is published through Inevitable Unicorn Press (InUPress).

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